SOLD PER 25cm Increments

Thermofix™ Adhesive for Permanent Bonding, Speeds up Appliqué Work Significantly. Thermofix™ low melt heat seal fusible web.

Cutting out, ironing-on – that’s all there is to it. By using THERMOFIX™, it is easy and fast to affix embroidery designs onto jackets, shirts and fabrics. Permanently - even after frequent washings. THERMOFIX™ is just like a nonwoven that consists of adhesive fibres. It is ironed onto the finished embroidery design after the embroidery process.

Processing Recommendations:

Coating of the embroidery design:
Place the embroidery design face down on THERMO FIX and roughly cut out the shape of the design.

Ironing with a heat press:
140°C, for about 10-15 sec, medium pressure
Ironing with a household iron: High heat setting, for about 10-15 sec, press firmly.

Cut off any excess THERMOFIX™ all around design if necessary.

Appliques on garments:
Place coated embroidery design onto desired spot of garment and iron-on permanently
Ironing-on with a heat press: 140°C, for about 10-15 sec, medium pressure
Ironing-on with a household iron: High heat setting, for about 10-15 sec, press firmly.

TIP: For ultimate adhesion, ironing of a garment on both sides, back and front, is recommended.

Your own test-runs are necessary for best bonding results to determine pressure, temperature and time.
Full adhesiveness will be achieved after 48 hours!

Important: Place a Teflon sheet or silicone paper on top of remaining uncovered Thermofix™.
Otherwise it will stick to the heat press or iron.




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