Universal fabric painting and printing paint for all light-coloured fabrics. Washable up to 60 °C. Water-based. Particularly soft to the touch. Especially suitable for fabric painting and fabric printing. Fixing with an iron or in the oven


  • multi-purpose fabric painting and printing colour for all light-coloured fabrics
  • water-based
  • washable up to 60 °C
  • particularly soft to the touch
  • ideal for fabric painting and fabric printing
  • iron fixing or oven fixing


Instructions for use
Wash out finishes and fabric conditioners before painting. Paint Marabu Textil on the dry fabric and leave to dry. Then iron each painted section (50 x 50 cm) through a thin cloth for 3 minutes at cotton setting from the front (oven fixing: 8 minutes at 150°C, except synthetic and mixed fabrics).
Afterwards Marabu Textil is washable up to 60°C, Textil Metallic and Textil Fluoresco up to 40°C. Simply clean brushes and other tools with water immediately after use.
Always wash and iron textiles inside out or iron from the front through a cloth.


Marabu Textil is able to be used to apply with the Airbrushing Technique and the Sun Technique... Click to see more

Marabu TEXTIL Fabric Paint 15ml

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