A simply stunning fairy-tale wheel. This beautifully crafted wheel has an extra large wheel mounted on ball bearings for extra smooth effortless spinning.


  • Smooth lacquer finish
  • Double drive and scotch tension
  • Classic design
  • Huge 61cm (24ins) wheel
  • High ratios

finish |   lacquered
assembly |   required
treadle |   single treadle
ratios |   8.5, 11, 15:1 (18:1 bobbin lead)
wheel diameter  |  61cm (24")
weight  |  9kg (20lb)
bobbin capacity  |  100gm (3-4oz)
orifice  |  1cm (⅜")
orifice height  |  67cm (26 ⅜")
included accessories  |  - 4 double drive bobbins lacquered
- tensioned lazy kate
- threading hook
- learn to spin booklet

Elizabeth Spinning Wheel

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